Your Freedom Home is



We are a purpose driven business founded with one mission in mind

To provide affordable and sustainable housing and rental opportunities to Aussies and Kiwis creating the freedom for you to live how you desire at an affordable price point!

With homeless rates, housing costs, and rents on the rise the vision of owning a home for Australian and Kiwi families seems like a pipe dream for many. Furthermore, the traditional way of building homes and accommodation is no longer sustainable or viable.

But as they say, When you are ready, opportunities arise.


Hi, we are John & Joy, we are a husband and wife team with over forty years in the construction business.  After working in luxury home development for the past 20 years it became glaringly apparent that the number of potential home owners that were missing out on creating the the home they desire due ever rising costs of building was astronomical.  The frustration we would see these potential home owners going through was heartbreaking so many were missing out and this lead us to the belief that there must be a an affordable solution to this housing problem.  This  lead us find a huge gap in the market and a big opportunity to transform lives.

Freedom Home Solutions is giving us to be vehicles of change and we are proud to be offering the freedom of choice and opportunity to own a home for all people across Australia and New Zealand.

Blessings, John & Joy